10 Student-Athletes Earn NJCAA All-Academic Honors

10 Student-Athletes Earn NJCAA All-Academic Honors

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June 21, 2017

10 Student-Athletes Earn NJCAA All-Academic Honors

Dayton, OH – Sinclair Community College and the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) is pleased to announce the individual Academic honors for 2016-17.

Sinclair had a total of 78 student-athletes this year competing on five different teams, 21 earned Dean’s List in the fall followed by 23 this spring.  23 student-athletes earned OCCAC All-Academic honors for the fall semester with 25 student-athletes earning spring semester academic all-conference honors from the OCCAC (3.3 GPA).   

Completing the year, Sinclair is pleased to announce that 10 student-athletes received recognition at the national level (NJCAA) for high academic achievements.

The 10 Sinclair student/athletes earning NJCAA All-Academic honors:

NJCAA All-Academic 3rd Team(3.6 – 3.79):

Men’s Basketball                               Jackson Pietrzak         (Dixie H.S.)

Softball                                               Jazzlyn Petry              (Greenville H.S.)

Baseball                                              Josh Wilson                (Cedarville H.S.)

Volleyball/Women’s Basketball        Lauren Roetgerman    (Minster H.S.)

NJCAA All-Academic 2nd Team(3.8 – 3.99):

Baseball                                              Ben Hughes                (Tippecanoe H.S.)

Volleyball                                           Emily Witker              (Bellbrook H.S.)

Softball                                               Megan Anderson        (Piqua H.S.)

Volleyball                                           Morgan Leeson           (Mechanicsburg H.S.)

NJCAA All-Academic 1st Team(4.00 GPA):

Baseball                                              Blaze Glenn                (Toronto H.S.)

Volleyball                                           Marta Robinson          (Beavercreek)

Below is a listing of the three NJCAA Academic Student/Athlete Awards with the qualifying grade-point average for each honor:

NJCAA All-Academic 1st Team:                             4.00 GPA
NJCAA All-Academic 2nd Team:                            3.80-3.99 GPA
NJCAA All-Academic 3rd Team:                            3.60-3.79 GPA

Special recognition goes out to two freshman Blaze Glenn (Baseball) and Marta Robinson (Volleyball) as they earned 1st Team honors with a perfect 4.0 GPA for the 2016-17 academic year. 

Lauren Roetgerman (Volleyball/Women’s Basketball) also joined an elite group of student-athletes as this is her second NJCAA All-Academic award and she finished off her career as a dual sport athlete, adding to the prestige of her achievements.