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Sinclair Community College Women's Basketball Gives Back to the Future

Sinclair Women's Basketball team volunteered August 4th-August 7th, 2014 at the 1st ever Girls Developmental Basketball Clinic, held at the Greater Dayton Recreation Center. The Clinic was organized by Jazmone Turner in connection with the City of Dayton Recreation and Youth Services. Ms. Turner wanted to give back to the community by putting on a clinic teaching the fundamentals of basketball to young girls from the Dayton area.

Ms. Turner believes that the opportunity for young girls to get exposed to basketball at an early age is almost non-existent. The Dayton area has produced several high profile professional female basketball players, most notably WNBA players Tamika Williams and Brandie Hoskins. She believes that exposing these girls to basketball at an early age will not only help their skill development, but teach them the vales of hard work, dedication, sportsmanship and teamwork.

Sinclair's women's team was on hand to be counselors to clinic participants. They led drills, played individual games and talked about what it takes to become a college basketball player. The team talked about the importance of school, eating right and proper rest. The team even conducted an intra-squad scrimmage to showcase the skills in which they were teaching throughout the clinic.

Sinclair Women's Basketball was honored they could give back to the future of Dayton's women's basketball and are looking forward to helping out next year.

Girls Developmental Basketball Clinic
Girls Developmental Basketball Clinic
Players pictured: Alona Skipper Darnesha Wesley, Breanna Ball Shirneal Burnside, Sara Thornton, O?Sha Owens

Greater Dayton Recreation Center