(20)Sinclair Men’s Basketball volunteers at Naval Base

(20)Sinclair Men’s Basketball volunteers at Naval Base

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November 11, 2017

(20)Sinclair Men’s Basketball volunteers at Naval Base

Dayton, OH- The (20)Sinclair Men’s Basketball finished off the pre-season segment with a trip to Kings Bay Naval Base in Georgia before the final scrimmage of the year at Guilford College.

Every three years the Pride usually travels to Chapel Hill to take on the University of North Carolina JV team combined with an educational day.  As part of the PEP (Player Enhancement Program) Coach Price has had for the last 14 years, the team has a rotation that includes visits to Philadelphia every three years, Washington DC every three years and Chapel Hill.  The three year rotation gives each class an opportunity to experience something special.  When in Washington, the team will tour the White House, Arlington and the Capitol.  The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and a Geno’s Cheesesteak headlines the Philly trip.

With the help of Lieutenant Michael Price of the U.S. Navy, the oldest son of Coach Price, the Sinclair basketball would traveled to the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Georgia to host a free basketball clinic for the kids on base on Saturday the 28th of October.  The clinic was open to all youth ages 10-18 and took place on base at the MWR fitness facility gym.

The MWR (Morale, Welfare & Recreation) promoted and organized registration and allowed the team to conduct the free clinic at the onsite facility.  Assistant Coach Eric Salter severed as clinic director for the day and organized the 90 minute session. 

Sinclair players were stationed at different baskets as each group moved around the gym getting personal basketball skill instruction from the college players.  Over 40 participants took advantage of the clinic that concluded with an autograph session and an open practice.

The day got started with Lt. Price meeting the team and showing them around the base before conducting the clinic.  Kings Bay is a fully functional Naval Submarine Base home to the Ohio-class Trident nuclear powered submarines and gaining access was not easy.  Both Coach Price and Lt. Price worked for over 6 months planning the long day that would end a something very special for the team.

Capping off a long successful day on base, the team had a tour waiting for them aboard the U.S.S. Tennessee.  Commissioned in 1988, the Tennessee is an Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine.  It is 560 feet long, powered by a nuclear reactor and also known as a Boomer, which can launch 20 ballistic missiles with multiple, independently-targeted nuclear warheads.

Lt. Price, who is commissioned officer on the Tennessee, was able to gain special permission for the team to spend over 2 hours touring the sub.  He had the different department heads available throughout the sub to describe the processes of navigation, weapons and even how they keep fresh water and air on the sub when they are submerged for 90 days.

Back on the road the next day.  Sinclair was able to secure a practice site at Wake Forest University in preparation for the next days final regular season scrimmage at Guilford College.  The athletic staff was extremely gracious and accommodation allowing Sinclair to use the men’s & women’s practice facility.

The final day of the trip, Sinclair had to get a little study time in for the scrimmage.  Thanks to Guilford College, they reserved a quite study room for 2 hours in the library.

The PEP trips usually take time to organize and plan but this trip took a lot individuals working in multiple locations to achieve success.  Being able to hold a free basketball clinic on a Naval Base followed by a tour of a nuclear sub will rank as those “once in a lifetime” types of memories.